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  • Lots of great guys! I just love this site! There's so many cool, laid back guys here and that makes me happy, lol! I'm a college girl in a small town and there's just not that many guys around here that I wanna date. So I had to expand my horizons and go online to find the fun I'm looking for! This site is perfect cuz I can find guys close to me, but not *too* close, haha! Small town people know everyone and I don't want everyone knowing my business, so Luckyhookup is just PERFECT for me!

  • Best dating site I've found!!This is about my 4th dating site I've joined and will probably be my last because everything I want is right here! I don't like those sites where everyone is looking for their soulmate - ick! I'm young and I am soooo not ready for that! Then there's those other sites where the men are pigs just looking to get laid with some anonymous stranger. Talk about desperate! I was looking for something in-between and that's exactly what Luckyhookup is --- just right!

  • Found love (by accident)Well, this is a funny story! I joined because I recently got out of a bad relationship and thought the best way to rebuild my ego and confidence would be to join a dating site where it's all about just having fun. And I DID have a LOT of fun for about a month just playing the field and having a great time casually dating a bunch of really cool guys. Then I met Kevin here and unexpectedly, we both fell madly in love with each other!

  • Just looking for a good time...My name's Sophie and I joined Luckyhookup because I wanted to get lucky with my hookups, haha! Seriously, I was really burnt out with bars and clubs where all the dudes were falling down drunk by the time we left. I want a good time but not with a guy that can't even keep his eyes open! So I joined this site and started hooking up with hot (and sober) guys that are just looking for a good time. Perfect for me!

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